Refinery Service Technology

Faster, safer Catalyst change out!

Quality, Safety.

Since early 2017, there is a new company on the market for catalyst handling. This company is R.S.T., which has a lot of hands-on experience through the main employees.

R.S.T. is a business which has evolved from Ejokras bv, which was founded in 1982.

In recent years Ejokras bv. has been represented by Habbo Edens. Habbo has over 45 years global experience in the catalyst handling business in operational as well as senior management positions.

In 2015, Jelle Kramers, a former Director of Mourik International, joined the company.

Both are able to combine their acquired knowledge into R.S.T., aiming to offer reliable expertise with respect to reactor inspection and supervision during catalyst change-out operations and reactor maintenance.


At R.S.T. we strive to deliver suitable and satisfactory solutions for all catalyst handling activities by working closely with refineries, catalyst suppliers, sub-contractors and catalyst regeneration companies during planning and execution. In fact throughout the whole change-out operation.

After completion of each project we deliver a clear and comprehensive report on all executed works, including relevant visual imagery in Video and/or Digital format.

We believe that, with the continuing move towards stricter emission standards, optimum use of catalysts will become more and more important throughout the whole refining process.

Keeping in mind the high demand for precious metals, it logically follows that catalyst regeneration and precious metal reclaiming will be an increasingly important factor in oil refining.

R.S.T. believes that building and maintaining contacts and expertise in this branch of operations is extremely important.

By embracing and exploring technical innovations as well as process developments, we believe we are able to deliver to our clients “a value added service” during refinery turnarounds and reactor maintenance.

Our operational staff is selected on the basis of experience, know-how, quality, safety awareness and experience.

Faster, safer Catalyst change out!