Years of experience

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Either as independent consultants or employed by contracting companies, both the CEO and the COO were active for clients such as Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Kuwait petroleum, ENI, Albemarle, UOP, Haldor Topsoe, Petroval, EURECAT and many others.

The CFO has worked for many years as an employee for Shell and Akzo Nobel.

Our Experience

Both as a company and personally the management and staff have, in the past years worked in the catalyst change out field for several clients. The portfolio on this page is a basic introduction on the capabilities of R.S.T., based on background and experience, Individual references of management and operational staff goes far beyond the above and can be submitted upon request.

Comprehensive reporting will additionally improve any future projects and consequently result in cost reduction.

Our services will result in improved shutdown controlled activities securing safety standards set, reduced time, better quality of work and improved production ratio’s. Commercial and financial gain will then be obvious.


Lyondell Basell, Maasvlakte The Netherlands (October 2019)

Coördination and supervision during unloading, regeneration, reloading, logistics and inspection on Alkylation reactor and Transalkylator of ethylbenzene unit.

Neste Porvoo, Finland (September 2019)

KARP3: Coördination and loading expertise on two reactors, including inspection of internals.

Neste Porvoo, Finland (May 2019)

Coordination and loading expertise on one reactor (KARP2) including inspection of internals.

2018 - Unipetrol, Litvinov, Czech Republic

Sampling and reactor expertise on 2 beds Reactor by order of Catconsult.


Due to malfunctioning of reactor and suspicion of maldistribution, various number of samples had to be taken while inspection and advise on internals was required.

2017 - HMEL, Punjab, India.

Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Punjab, India. Supervision of reactor loadings on one 3 Bed DHDT Reactor,

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2017 - BPCL, Kerala, India.

Inspection of 2 DHDS reactor internals and supervision of reloading,

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2017 - REPSOL, La Coruna, Spain.

HDS 2,  supervision of reloading reactors with fresh catalyst,

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2017 - Essar, Gudjarat India: 2 Reactors VGO

Early 2017 RST was involved in unloading of 2 large VGO Reactors for Essar, Gudjarat, India.

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2016 - Neste , Maasvlakte, Netherlands: 2 NExBtl units

In May 2016 RST has been asked by CatConsult Germany, to supervise the loading of two

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2016 – Feasibility study Iran

Early 2016 RST concluded a market survey and feasibility study in Iran for an International

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2016 - OMV Burghausen: 2 HTU Reactors

2016 - MOH, Greece: 2 Polishing Units