Our Services

Either as independent consultants or employed by contracting companies, both the CEO and the COO were active for clients such as Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, Kuwait petroleum, ENI, Reliance, Albemarle, UOP, Haldor Topsoe, Petroval, EURECAT and many others.

This total knowledge is now combined within R.S.T. which will result in close connections with major Catalyst handling contractors such as Mourik, Buchen, Time Services, Contract Resources, PlantTech and others.

R.S.T. provides all related services for catalyst change-outs as "reactor experience" covering the following specific fields:

  • Advice and planning for catalyst change-outs,
  • Drafting of tenders and technical purchase supplier selection,
  • Supervision, advice and inspection during catalyst loading and unloading procedures,
  • Advice and expertise regarding catalyst regeneration,
  • Inspection of and reporting on empty reactor vessels and modifications.
  • Troubleshooting assistance when reactor malfunctions or un-planned shutdowns occur.
  • Inspection and supervision on Catalyst change out projects, including dense-loading operations,

At R.S.T. we strive to deliver a suitable and satisfactory solution for all catalyst handling activities by working closely together with refineries, catalyst suppliers, sub-contractors and catalyst regeneration companies during planning and execution of the total change-out operation.

After completion of each project we deliver a clear and comprehensive report of all executed works, including relevant visual imagery on video and/or digital pictures.